People have often asked about the name – “Vineyard Workers of Christ”. Some have wondered if there is something special behind the name. And yet some others have searched the meaning behind the name. So, what is in this name?

Vineyard Workers of Christ.

The name itself describes our Work, Our Mission and Our Goal.

The Vineyard of the Father where HE sent HIS own Son. He loved us like none other and gave up HIS life so that we my live. We are workers in this same Vineyard of the Father and are busy doing what HE did – Loving People and sharing the Greatest news of existence that HE has saved us. He has healed us. He has redeemed us. Halleluiah!

“Taste and see that the Lord is good”

Each Saturday, the church sees a crowd of more than 15000 people tasting this precious Love of the Father. Where Jesus is, there is abundance of Joy. The tears flowing down the sweet faces of these people is the greatest testimony of HIS Love. Lives are changed radically and people see the Light of Jesus lighting their paths.

Led by the very dynamic Pastor Peter Silway, Vineyard Workers of Christ church has steered into the very lives of the people pulling them out of the darkness that once ruled their lives. Pastor Peter is supported by his dear and equally dynamic wife, Pastor Jayshree Silway who is gifted in Marathi translation and has touched thousands of lives with the gift of an anointed voice. Carrying the Mandate from God to preach the Good News to the state of Maharashtra, together they have made a great impact on the state.

Services are conducted also every Sunday, Monday and Thursday where members and disciples feed on the Word.  Leaders are raised for leading the Gospel outreach all over the state. Children are brought up soaked in the Word of God under the Children’s Church every Sunday morning.

Together, Vineyard Workers of Christ Church is living the mission that Jesus called us for – To Love…




The day was 23rd September, 1989. The Lord in His Mercy showed Pastor Peter Silway a divine vision which was to be his mission for the rest of his life. In the vision he saw a huge stretch of land where thousands of people had gathered together. People from different background and all flocked together in one place. This was soon going to be what today stands as “Vineyard Workers of Christ Church”.

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised” [Luke 4:18]

Pastor Peter was given this Divine Mandate from God Himself that was etched upon his heart that very day. Obedience followed this Divine Mandate! The seed was sown and the work of His Kingdom had begun. From very humble beginnings, Pastor Peter started following God’s voice to preach the Good News to the land of Maharashtra. Obstacles came his way but the “One who calls is faithful and HE will do it”. The Lord sailed the ship to bring this vision to a reality.



Born in a typical Hindu Gujarati family, Pastor Jayshree Silway took a life changing decision to follow Jesus after a divine encounter with the Master Himself. Married to Pastor Peter Silway, she stands as the voice for the state of Maharashtra. The sweet anointing of Jesus engulfed her as she was ordained as a Pastor by the Prophet of God, Bro. Ezekiah Francis (Founder& President Berachah Prophetic Ministries, Chennai).

God has blessed Pastor Jayshree with the gift of translating to Marathi for the local Marathi speaking crowds of Maharashtra. She can be called as the voice of Pastor Peter for the state which has resulted in numerous souls embracing Jesus as their Savior. Standing with equal passion and dynamism to reach out to the lost souls, Pastor Jayshree works tremendously hard as a humble worker in the Vineyard of Jesus.

Pastor Jayshree Silway is also blessed with an anointed voice and usually leads the faithful in a Divine Worship at the Gospel meetings. Her Gospel songs have been widely known by the people of the land and has touched the hearts of many people. She also travels as a Preacher spreading the Good News of the Gospel in the different districts of Maharashtra.