“For all flesh is as grass, and all glory of man as the flower of grass.” (1Peter 1:24)

The grass dries up and the flowers droop. This is the story of man. Out of dust he made was and unto dust he must return. Beloved it is imperative to understand that without God you can do nothing. Though man has combined strength of a lion and a horse, yet be sure he would fail one day. Human strength in any form will be spend in due time, but God alone can lend to you immense strength to face life boldly. Many talk about mental strength, but sadly enough that also fails man. For it is still finite power.

O, the world will fail you but those who put their trust in the Lord shall be victorious. God is a true God and in Him there is no lie. God never fails, and He wants that we should believe on Him so that even we should never fail. God always proves to be good to the one who passionately waits on Him and put his trust in Him, for God shall become their strength. Amen!!!

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