Saturday Blessing Meeting

“Behold I am about to do something new. It is beginning to happen even now. Don’t you see it coming? I am going to make a way for you in the desert. I will make streams of water in the dry and empty land (Isa.43:19). Praise God.

This is the promise of God for you. God is saying “I will do something new in your life”. Beloved children of God, God is interested in blessing you now. Not tomorrow, but now. God says, “See, it is coming”. Our God is a God who can make a way for you in the desert. He can make streams of water gush out in the dry and arid desert, for you. Nothing is too hard for God. God sees every tear. He sees the struggles and the pain and sorrow. How long will you suffer in silence, struggling in your own strength. Look up to God. Let God do it for you. Give it into God’s hands and let Him do it for you. If you want your pending blessings to be released, if you desire protection from evil, if you want to advance in your given position, then you need to let go and let God do it for you. Give God a chance in your life.

Beloved people, God is going to give you a break through now. Enough of your vain struggling and beating against the wall. Let God do it for you. If you want all your pending blessings released/if you desire protection from evil, if you want to advance in your given position, then you need to give God a chance in your life. How long will you struggle? how long will you live in setbacks. How long will you continue in your losses. Remember that there are evil forces that have disappointed you.They are holding your blessings. You have to get a breakthrough in life and it will come provided you have faith in God. Your setback will turn into your comebacks Yes allow God, let your problem become Gods problem and see how he removes you from your dungeon.

Bible says in Lk.18:27. ” the things which are impossible with men are possible with God”. Bible says in ”Job.42:2.”I know that you can do everything and no one can stop you what you plan to do.”

You shall advance in your life. You shall improve in your undertaking. You will discover that new doors are opening for you. Pleas don’t give up. If things look tight, God will make a way where there is no way. Isa.11:16. God shall make a way for his people.”The Bible speaks of a young man whose name was Joseph. He was not making any progress in His life. It was as though the devil had put brakes in his progress. His own brothers hated him so much, that they sold him as a slave. He finally landed in Egypt, as a slave to an officer named Potiphar. As a slave, he was required to take care of all the household work. Yet, in what seemed like an unfair and difficult situation, Joseph still trusted God. Joseph was faithful with whatever work was given to him. But Joseph’s woes had not ended. The master, Potiphar’s wife, went against Joseph and accused him falsely. The master listened to his wife and put innocent Joseph, in prison. Misfortune seemed to be following Joseph wherever he went.

My beloved people, does it feel like you can relate to the situation of Joseph, that wherever you go, misfortune follows. Are there any sickness, debts, sufferings from which you need a breakthrough? Fear not! God is strong and able to give you a breakthrough. God says, “Look, I am about to do a brand new work in your life and I have already begun”. God will make a pathway for your life and advance you in your situation. He has the power to create rivers in the desert. Cheer up, for God will stand for you. All you need to do, is trust in God. Joseph, about whom we have been reading, was in prison for two long years. Alone and forgotten. But he knew, if he ever wanted a release in his life, the only way was to trust God to give him a breakthrough. He did not despair, he held on to God. Even when he felt like no help was coming, he still did not give up. He prayed and remained faithful, trusting that God will give him the breakthrough at the right time. And God did not disappoint him. God gave him such a breakthrough, which none could have imagined. He was raised to the position of the Prime Minister of Egypt! From a prisoner to Prime Minister. Such advancement can come only from God. “O! Taste and see that The Lord is good”. Yes, my beloved, the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever. Give God a chance in your life and see the miracles God has in store for you.

Come! Come to God and give Him your burdens. How long will you struggle? How long will you live in setbacks? How long will you continue in your losses. Remember on this, there are evil powers that have disappointed you. They are holding your blessings and not letting your blessings come to you. If you are worried about all the things that are not happening right in your life, if you are struggling and are tired of struggling, you are in need of a breakthrough. You need a breakthrough that only God Almighty can do for you. No man can do it for you, only God. But only if you will have faith in Him. Have faith in God and your blessings will come to you. Your setbacks will turn into your come backs. So allow God. Let your problems become God’s problems and He will remove you from your dungeons. Only believe.

The Bible says in Luke 18:27 “‘The things that are impossible with man are possible withGod.’ “. The Bible also says, in Job 42:2 “I know that You can do everything, and that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You”.

Yes, my beloved, nobody can stop God. The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. With God, you shall advance in your life. Everything that you put your hand to, every endeavour, shall improve. New doors shall be opened for you. So don’t give up! No matter the current situation you are in, do not give up. Trust in God, and when you do, God will make a way for you, where there seemed to be no way.

Bible says in Is 11:16 “There will be a highway for the remnant of His people who will be left from Assyria, as it was for Israel, in the day that he came up from the land of Egypt”.

God shall make a way for His people. How did he go from becoming a prisoner to Prime Minister? The king had a dream, which nobody could interpret. But Joseph prayed, and God revealed the meaning of the dream to him. When Joseph gave the king the interpretation of the dream, it came to pass exactly as Joseph had said. The King was overjoyed and realized there was something special about Joseph. The Lord established Joseph in the land of Egypt. Joseph was married and settled in life. Such was the turn of events in the life of Joseph that the brothers that sold him into slavery, came to Joseph in the time of famine, for help. Only God works wonders no man can imagine. Therefore, my beloved, trust in God. He can bless you and change any situation for you.

The Bible says, in Isaiah 48:15, “I, even, I have spoken; Yes, I have called him, I have brought him and his way will prosper.” He who trusts in the Lord, His ways shall be made prosperous!

My beloved people, the Bible says that Heaven and earth will pass away but God’s word will never pass away. What He has promised, He will do for you. God has promised to prosper the way of him who trusts in the Lord. Leave your evil ways and accept God in your heart tonight. When you do this, change will surely come. God will stand for you and knock the devil out of your life. Evil began in the lives of our first parents, Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden. When God first created them, they were living in the freedom and blessings of the Lord. God was their provider and they lived happily. But the devil came and shifted their sight from God to the things of the world, deceiving them. Giving heed to the devil, out first parents disobeyed God and thus sin and death entered the world. From that day, the devil became the god of this world. He works against your blessings in devious ways. He works through wicked people, deceiving you, robbing away your joy and smile. The devil makes you struggle in your life for every morsel of food.

Bible says in John 10:10 says, “The thief does not come except to steal, to kill and to destroy.”

Sin is destroying man. The evil that is in man’s heart, is destroying him. No one could save mankind from themselves. And that is why Jesus came on this earth, to save mankind.

Bible says in 1 John 3:8 says, “. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil”.

What great assurance! If anyone can destroy the works of the devil, it is only Jesus. And He came to seek you and save you and bless you. If you have attended the Saturday Blessing Meetings at the Vineyard Workers’ Church, Dapodi, you would see. In one word, in the Name of Jesus, the devil who is destroying lives, leaves them and flees. People go home delivered, freed from their chains and shackles, unburdened. There is power in the Name of Jesus! If every name under heaven fails, just remember the Name of Jesus. When you try everything and nothing else works, remember the Name of Jesus. There was once a mother, who always told her son to believe in Jesus. The son, however, never paid heed to the words of his mother. But before she died, she made sure to tell her son, “Son, when you fail on all sides, when troubles surround you, remember Jesus”. These words stuck in his heart. One day, as he walked through the jungles, a serpent suddenly crossed his path. Terrified, he did not know what to do. In that moment, when he thought death was evident, he remembered his dear mother’s words. From all his heart he called out to Jesus to save him. Still trembling, he opened his eyes to see the serpent slithering away. He was astonished. My dear people, Jesus has the power to save to the utmost. Jesus took the sins of the whole world and died on the Cross of Calvary. He shed His precious blood for you and for me, that we may be saved.

The Bible says, in Isaiah 53:4-5 “Surely He has borne our grief and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed Him stricken, smitten by God and afflicted. But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed”.

Jesus has already paid the penalty for you. That is how great His love for you is. Jesus rose again on the third day and He is alive. He will save whoever calls on His Holy Name. He will give them a breakthrough. In the book of John, chapter 5, the Bible speaks about a pool called Bethesda, in the city of Jerusalem. People with all kinds of infirmity would be found by the poolside, the blind, the lame, the paralyzed, all waiting for the angel to stir the waters. The first person to step into the water when it was stirred, would be healed instantly. So the sick would stay there by the pool, hoping to be able to get their healing. Among them, was a certain man, who had an infirmity for thirty eight long years. He was desperate for a breakthrough in his life. I pray that none is here, who is struggling for 38 years. If you are the one then you shall be set free in the name of Jesus. He would have lived and died in that condition if he had waited for his time. But Jesus came. Jesus saw him and knew how long he had been desperately waiting for a miracle. He had mercy on this man and asked him, “Would you like to get well?” The lame man replied. Sir, I have no one to help me into the pool, when the water is stirred up. While I am trying to get there, someone else al-ways gets in ahead of me. If you can please stand here and help me when the waters are stirred or at least if you can tell these people, to allow me when the waters are stirred. Jesus looked at him and said.”Stand up pick up your sleeping mat and walk. Instantly the power of Jesus entered him. He got a major breakthrough. He was healed. He rolled up the mat and began walking for the first time in 38 yr He walked around the whole place. The crowd started asking who healed you. He said. I don’t know there was a man there at the pool and I was sharing my sad story and he cut me short and said, No more stories, just rise up and walk. I walked. He was so happy that he immediately rushed to the temple to worship. Jesus met him there and said stop living sinful life, or something worse will happen. Now since I have given you a breakthrough don’t continue in yr evil ways. Fighting, Cheating, Lynching, stop it all. Praise God. You shall overcome by the power of Jesus. Bible says in 1Sam.2:9.”By human strength no man will overcome.”You will get a major achievement by my God. You will suddenly see that those things that were hard to happen are happening. Those people who were hard to change are changing. You will get a sudden advance, a sudden push in life. God will give you new insight as to what you should do in your trouble. He will speak to you, he will guide you. Beloved you may not know what obstacles/roadblocks will arise while you are on your road to success. The devil doesn’t want you to succeed in your life. There is a wicked eye that constantly wants to make things hard for you.

1Chro.21:1. Satan devises evil against his people.” Jn.10:10. I came to give you life and life in abundance.”Don’t give up. God is on the throne.Rom.8:31. If God is for us who can go against us.”Job.30;14.” they advance as through a gaping breach, they keep rolling in through the ruins.”Yes beloved people, nothing can stop your progress from tonight Jesus will keep things moving and rolling. By God you will rise and advance and move forward. Every hindrance shall be broken in Jesus name. Bible says in 1 Sam 2:9, “He will guard the feet of the saints, but the wicked shall be silent in darkness. For by strength no man shall prevail”.

By human strength alone, no man can overcome. Major achievements and breakthroughs come only by the mighty hand of God. Everything that seemed difficult and near to impossible in your life will start happening. Circumstances will change; you shall see advancements in your life. God will give you new insights as to what to do in your times of trouble. He will guide you and lead you to the right people. Through the path of life, we cannot see ahead and will never know what obstacles might come our way. We need Jesus all the way, every day. He knows how to protect you. The devil does not want you to succeed in life. There is an evil eye of the devil that constantly wants to put you down. But the good eyes of God are always upon you. God’s eyes run to and fro, waiting for them who look to Him and trust in Him. Them, he will bless and strengthen. Why then, don’t you take the decision to trust Jesus wholeheartedly right now?

1 Chronicle 21: 1 tells us, “Now Satan stood up against Israel and moved David to number Israel”.

You see, Satan continually devises evil against God’s people. But we also see in John 10: 10, Jesus said that He came to give life in abundance. So don’t give up, God is on the throne and He is for you. Rom 8:31 says, “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”

Job 30:14 also says, “They come as advance as through a gaping breach. They keep rolling through the ruins”.

My beloved people, nothing can stop your progress when God is on your side. Your progress will be evident, if only you give your heart to Jesus. Every hindrance will be broken and He will keep you moving ahead in life.

Once, a brother testified of how the Lord Jesus Christ had saved him from the utmost. He said, neither him, nor his family were very religious. They went to the temple whenever they had time and his parents dragged him along. He personally did not care much. As a young boy, he met with a severe accident that broke his right hand in multiple places. On being rushed to the hospital, the doctors managed to patch it up but his right hand never regained the strength and ability to function as before. He thought he would focus his mind on studying and achieving academically as he could no longer be 100% efficient in physical tasks. He never gave in to injurious habits, but instead dedicated his life to learning philosophy.

The existence of God never crossed his mind, for he never truly believed in God. Life became difficult and it left certain bitterness in the family. His mother would complain that he couldn’t be much of a help to her. This left a wound in his heart and he would cry every time he was alone. Things kept escalating till he came to a point where he thought committing suicide would relieve him of all his misery. But something tugged at his heart and kept him from doing so. He had a friend who attended the Saturday Blessing Meetings and who would always tell him to trust in Jesus, inviting him to attend as well. This brother would scoff in bitterness saying no god loved him and nobody was interested in the misery of his life. He was determined to achieve something in life on his own strength, so no one can belittle him again for not being fully able bodied.

One day his mother poured all her frustration and fury on him and walked off to the market. Stunned and deeply hurt, he cried. From his heart he uttered, saying, if there is any God in the universe, please help me. Instantly he felt a power from on high surge through his heart and the image of Jesus flashed before him. He remembered everything his friend told him about the loving Lord Jesus and he could feel inner strength and great peace. All of his mental weakness, confusion and restlessness left him. He was so filled with the love of Christ that he immediately contacted his friend, asking to be taken to the Blessing Meetings at Vineyard Workers’ Church. When he heard the Word of God being preached, the power of Jesus touched him and he cried his heart out.

During the prayer time, with a full heart, he lifted his hands in worship, not realizing that his hand was now healed. When he did realize, he was overjoyed. He rejoiced and couldn’t fathom the deep love of Jesus. God blessed him with a good job, gave him a good wife and now he is well settled in life. His family, including his mother, now come to church and worship Jesus. Yes dear brothers and sisters, even so in your life, every power of witchcraft shall be broken in the Name of Jesus. Every power that has chained you, will be broken in Jesus name Heaven will release its blessings on you and you will see a breakthrough. Doubts, confusions and fear will vanish and new developments will take place in your life. It shall be dramatic and supernatural, like something you have never seen before. Has everything come to a standstill? Has your progress stopped? You feel somebody has blocked your blessings. That you have come to the dead end of all things? Then now is the time, trust Jesus. He will break every shackle and bondages and yokes off thy neck. He will set you free. Yes evil has bolted you. It has latched you that you cannot come out.

Have faith in Jesus. He will set you free tonight.!!!!

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