In retuning and rest you shall be saved. Isaiah 30:15


Beloved, are you in mess, living unrest, your heart has melted like wax, you are unstable like water, have fallen. All hopes of this world have failed you. Every assurance, every promise has forsaken you. Your very own have deceived you, they have left you to die and do you still want to trust upon man? O beloved God has not created you to be a failure. He has not formed you to get perished. He does not want you to get lost. He does not like to see you in shambles. He loves you too much.

Beloved, God has master plan for those who believe shall never be a failure. In God alone there is faithfulness and faith alone will help you hold on to Him. When God made our first parents, everything was good but man disobeyed God and listened to devil. Thus sin and ruin and death entered this world that was once beautiful. Death overshadowed mankind, but then came Jesus who defeated death on the cross and gave us life. Life in abundance! Don’t  repeat the same mistake our first parents did, but return to Jesus and He will give you rest and save you. He has shed His blood to wash away all your sins and present you to God the Father as sons and daughters of the Kingdom. Hallelujah!!!

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