Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain… (Psalm 127:1)

Beloved, God wants every individual, without exception, to begin with Him and continue with Him, for there is no quality life without God. The house in which there is no family devotion, can scarcely expect the divine blessings. If the Lord God does not cover your habitation with His wings, your family is like the house without a roof and remember – ‘ a family that prays together stays together.’ Parents, it is no use blaming one another for the ruin of your home. There is only one way a home can be built and that is the way of the Lord.

Unless the Lord builds the house they labour in vain who builds it. Satan has many devices and they are worse today than ever before, but I also believe that there is a full manifestation on the earth of the power and glory of God to defeat every device of Satan. I tell you by God, if you receive Him, your house shall be heaven on earth. God will pamper you like a pet; He will make sure nothing bad ever happens to you, your family and your possession. He will bless you in all that you do; He will give you your daily bread, and embrace you with His presence. Beloved, the Lord is waiting to come into your life and your very homes. He wants to bless you and your home and give you hope. He wants to bless your future. So, invite Him into your heart and house today, in fact now and be assured to receive a life with a blessed future. Amen!!!

  1. 6th August 2017

    Brother Pls pray for my home we are suffering with financial problems, we can’t able to get admission to my daughter for 11th and for my son for 10th std. Pls pray for my Husband he doesn’t have any work.

    • 15th August 2017

      Praise Jesus sister,

      We are praying for you, The Lord is good and He will always remain faithful. Do not worry and Trust Him in everything. We are standing with you.

      Jesus loves you

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