“I am the Lord that heals you” (Exodus 15:26).

Yes, there is a Healer. It is Jesus! His blood is balm of God. Jesus came for this purpose, to take the sins of the whole world. Jesus shed His precious blood for you that you don’t need to die. He is the Physician. Many are carrying the weight of sin their lives. You don’t need to. You just confess your sins and He will wash you.

Oh, how altogether lovely is Jesus! For the sake of saving us, He endured the cruel cross, despising the shame. Oh, how He became obedient to the point of death, that you may live. He will never turn you away empty. He is the Balm for you. He is the ‘Good Samaritan’ who will bind up your wounds. He is true friend that you can depend upon, with assurance and rest in complete confidence. He can roll away every burden. He is the inexhaustible Savior, One who knows all things, and who is able to deliver. When we have such a source as this, we can stretch out our hands and take all that we need from Him. AMEN!!!

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