Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. (John 11:25)

Beloved, resurrection is the life that comes out of death. What passes through death and survives is resurrection. Only life can experience resurrection. Let me give you an example: You can cut blocks of wood and bury it. After days you will find them and plant it, it will bud. Acts 1:3 says “after His resurrection Jesus witnessed Himself to many for forty days,” because do which all doubts of His resurrection was laid to rest. If He had just vanished, they would have been more confused than before.

Beloved, Christ had to die for our sins and had to be raised up for our newness. Why did Christ die and rise again? What is the principle involved? Well, there had to be someone who could take our place of condemnation. It was we who had sinned and deserved to be punished, but the Lord Jesus took our place, He died for us and atoned for our sins. So then, will we still live before God in our flesh? Will our flesh go back to sin? Christ’s death has cleared our old debts alright and His blood does wash my present and future sins, but only by His death is there any guarantee that we would not sin anymore? No! We still remain prone to committing sins like before. We will still continue to be what we had been before.  Then how can we ever come out and lead a victorious holy Christian life?

Well, my dear people, for that Christ must be resurrected, and He must live in us, and He must put a new spirit in us, a new life in us. He must strengthen our inner man that we may have the power to say NO! to sin, that we may now live a different life. Death clears my sinful nature, but resurrection makes me sin no more. Praise God!!!

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