Job 22:23 “If you return to the Almighty God, you shall be built up, you shall prosper…”

Beloved, I know many of you have entered into things that have brought you sorrow. You have made wrong judgements. Some have walked in the wrong path and now you are paying for it. Don’t worry, forget the past. God will make all things new. He will give you a brand new start. Look to God, for He has all the resources, which never fade away. His blessings are past measuring, abounding with extravagances of abundance, waiting to be poured out upon you. He forgives, He supplies and He opens the door into His fullness that we may know, He alone has done it. He gives you an expression of the Father’s love. Beloved, come back to GOD and weep before him because I believe that a real weeping in prayer, with repentance and in submission, will do you a lot of good. You are in a poor way, if you cannot weep to God. I do thank God for my tears. They help me so that I can weep in the presence of God. Come on beloved! Let us weep together in prayer. Cry out to Him. “Lord Jesus, I am in great need this day. I do want an overflow of your mercy, and a divine touch”. God will help us, for He is God, not man. Praise God!!

  1. 11th November 2018

    Please pray for Vanita Sagvekar to return forever to Matilda’s house within couple of days

  2. 26th January 2019

    God grate

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