2 timothy: – 4:11 Only Luke is with me. Get Mark and bring him with you, because he is helpful to me in my ministry.


Beloved, bible says that,Paul was a great servant of God, who established many churches and had many people around him, but in the above verse he mentions that, only Luke was with him. Bible says a real friend sticks closer than a brother and Luke was one of them, who was with Paul in the times of his trials and tribulation he stuck to Paul in the times of his adversity for the sake of God and was faithful to him. Likewise, suppose any man of God face adversity in his ministerial life then it becomes your duty to support him and stick to him for the sake of God.

Bible says in Acts: 15:36:38 that because of Mark there was contention between Paul and Barnabas, it became so sharp that they departed from each other. In fact, Barnabas was an instrumental in bringing Paul to God. He was the person to introduce Paul to the church of Jerusalem. Barnabas was always ready person for the Lord. Barnabas and Paul together ministered in many places, but because Paul was very particular in God’s work, he refused to take Mark with them as earlier he had deserted them in Pamphylia and had not continued with them in the work of God. Similarly, if you are saying that you are Minister of God, your works should show it. You should be always fruitful and ready for the Lord. When Mark left Paul it was not that he was ignorant of what he is doing? In fact, he was aware about Paul and about work of God as well. It was not an ordinary mistake that Mark committed. When you serve God see that you burn all the bridges of past, so that you will be not tempted in future. You should not consider the things which hinders you to work for God. Hallelujah!!!

Beloved, once if you put your hands on the plough for God’s work make sure that you never turn back only then you can receive crown from the Lord. While serving the Lord you should always associate with people who are passionate for God and useful for His Kingdom. When you serve God or work with man of God, always remember that you shall be blessed. You shall be elevated in your work place and also many other areas in your life. There are many people who are worthy for serving God in a impactful manner, but it’s their flesh that comes between and stops them to serve God. Don’t accept things of world, but of God because the standard of Heaven is different from the standard of the world. Always see that people don’t follow you instead they should follow the Christ. Jesus wants us to be salt of the earth. He wants us to be light of the world not the light under the bushes. Amen!!!

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