ever lasting love

(Jeremiah 31:3) “I have loved you with an everlasting love and therefore with loving kindness I have drawn you”.

Don’t struggle! God’s love for you is immeasurable. God has a way of life for you, where you don’t struggle but be at rest. God wants to make you His child and be born in the family of God that never perishes. Beloved, one Word of God shall lift you up and your life, soul and body shall be healed. Our God is omnipotent, and Master of impossible situations. Satan will have no dominion over you. The Lord will confirm His Word to you with signs, healing and miracles. He will perform miracles because His Word is true and not just to prove that His Word is true. A revolution shall come in your life, if you allow Jesus into your heart. You shall not live in depression. Oh, when God comes in you, you will have the Almighty God living and controlling you! He will enable you to look in the face of the devil and laugh. So, cheer up and allow God to work in your life.  Amen. Hallelujah!!!

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