Deuteronomy: 30: 19 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:



Beloved, whatever teaching we have received till today concerning prosperity it may be scriptural, doctrinal, doctrinally correct and it may have brought blessing to us as well. And all these teachings that we have learned till date may have all been backup by the scriptures but even then sometimes they lack two basic things and that’s what we are going to see today. First is, this fact is neglected that there is also a false financial prosperity which lacks substance and this comes from the Devil. Secondly, it is not necessary to be full of material blessings to prove that God’s grace is on the person. Just because one has financial blessing does not mean that God’s grace is there upon that person. Sometimes people judge you on the basis of the finance that you hold. They think if a person is financially blessed by God then God’s grace is upon that person. God’s grace and favour lies upon this person because he has lots of wealth.

These two areas we need to be very careful about, because it is not necessary that life consists in the abundance of provision one has. In fact it can turn around and spell doom for them who have prosperity if it is not dealt properly, if it is not handled properly, if our attitude towards it is wrong. We need to have balance and a correct application when finances are concerned. Finance with the wrong heart, holding that kind of finance in your hand can burn your hand. Now there is curse that comes from the prosperity and also a blessing that comes from the prosperity.

As we know God blesses His people, but then we need to also see, can blessing of God turn into curse later? Or does only a finance that comes from the devil can turn into curse for us. Secondly, does all blessing, prosperity or wealth come from God alone? Because many have unbalanced teaching on this area they are so lopsided that they think, that every blessing that they have has come from God, every glory comes from God alone. We need to understand that there are two forces one is the good force and other is the bad force. Good force is from God and the bad force is from the devil and as God can offer you glories even devil can offer you glories. And that’s why we need to separate it correctly.

Today we see that there is a great change coming over even in the world. The standard of the world has increased. There are many people who are in lots of money today, but even in the church God has blessed us immensely. Amen! When God brought Israelites out of the bondage God said “when you step out in obedience to my word, I will see that all Egyptians will give their finances to you.” And when they came out bible says that God brought them forth with great wealth. Bible also says that God will transfer the wealth of the gentiles to the church as well. That is why? At this time this wealth can become a deterrent for us. It all depends on the attitude we hold towards money in life. Sometimes, wealth can become a great hindrance it can become a great curse for us and that’s why we need to dwell upon the blessed wealth and cursed wealth. It is not that everybody will be super rich, but then those people who are rich they should not forget to be rich towards God and His work as well.

The Curse of Wealth:

When does wealth become a curse? Or what is cursed wealth? People speak about cursed wealth so what is cursed wealth? Or when does wealth become a cursed? Do you know that there is wealth that is cursed? Are you sure that the wealth that you are holding in your hand is a blessed wealth or a cursed wealth? Because all money is not blessed money. Many times people think that poverty alone is a curse and wealth is a blessing, It is wrong. People think poverty comes from the devil and wealth from God. Sometimes it is much better to be poor than to become rich because more than a poor rich have fallen. Not all

Wealth is of God. The devil may pursue through wealth and attack you through wealth instead of attacking you through poverty. Proverbs 10:22 says The blessing of the LORD makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it. See the last part that means God’s blessing makes one rich minus the sorrow. it also means that wealth from the devil is cursed, for it contains much sorrow. Any money that brings sorrow in your life is a cursed wealth, any wealth that comes in your house and brings division in your homes is a cursed wealth, any wealth that comes in your home and brings hate instead of love is a cursed wealth and any wealth that comes with sorrow is not from God. Sorrow was the first thing that came on this earth. The devil can also give you wealth. That is the first thing we need to learn. In Matthew 4:9 we see how the devil tempted Jesus by showing all the kingdoms of the world. He showed all the glories of the world to Jesus and said “all these things I will give to you if you will only fall down and worship me.” That means he can give you glories. Some people say he was a liar, if he was a liar Jesus would have corrected him and said “no nothing belongs to you.” Secondly, it wouldn’t have been a temptation if it was false. It cannot be called temptation if it was not true. That means the devil wanted Jesus to fall at his feet and he would give him all the glory. Only the person who has seen heaven and god will forfeit all the worldly things because he knows all this is of no value. The devil was ready to give away everything because he knew that wealth is nothing. Otherwise who can be greater covetous than the devil? But he is ready to give you money that means he knows money is stone. He says “take it all, I have seen the glories in heaven this money is nothing.” He says “just do this for me and I will give you wealth, don’t go to church I will give you money.” If he sees your faithfulness in the church he will I say “just skip of 2- 3 weeks and I will give you money.” Cursed wealth becomes hindrance to the entrance of God’s kingdom. How hard it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. How easy it is for a poor man to enter the kingdom of God. That’s why sometimes it is easy to go to heaven when you are poor. So there is wealth that can come from the devil .When you have love for money then the devil can really lay a trap for you. He cannot deceive everyone, but when he sees a person has covetousness and has love for money he lays trap for that person. It doesn’t mean only the rich loves money even poor loves the money though they don’t have it. We see the people of position and being hit with the love of money. May be in the beginning they got that money out of faithfulness. God blesses you when you are faithful but once we get name, fame and position the temptation does not leave instead it becomes stronger. With the money you can misuse your position rather than when you didn’t have anything you were not even daring to accuse it. Surely, with money position comes, name comes, fame comes, but then devil also comes and he says that “misuse the power that you have misuse the position that you have” and people try to do it because of love of money. In book of Numbers 22 we have the story of Balaam the prophet of God. He was already a seasoned prophet of God. He had position, he had spiritual position too. He was much recognized by people around. Why? Because he was a prophet who had an encounter with God. So here is a person well seasoned prophet of God, who had an encounter with God, whose being know by all as a prophet of God, because of his encounter with God he became famous. Now devil raised up balak the king and balak knew that Balaam had contact with God. Now here comes the love of money. Balaam’s covetousness was put under the test. The devil lays a trap for this prophet and he said through balak “you just have to curse the Israel and will give you all the money” and Balaam falls for it. In the beginning he goes to God and asks “God what I should do?” There are something’s that you have to not ask God it shows the condition of your heart. The imagination of the heart is continually evil. And as we all know that God’s answer will always stand by His words. Amen! And God told him “you cannot go to balak.” King Balak increases the price Balaam again goes to God “Lord I don’t know did I properly heard you?” That was the temptation of devil and the end result of prophet Balaam is mentioned in Joshua 13:22 it says that he became a magician from a prophet he became a soothsayer. He was killed. World will say he was a martyr. No! Some of the immediate deaths are not because you are glorifying God but it’s a devil’s work and God judgements. Our attitude towards money is very important. Some of the money will be given by the devil, but he will take away the life. The devil will not come directly and give bag of money. He came that way to Jesus but he will not come to you that way. He may tempt you through wicked men; he can allure you through wrong finances. Even through simple and genuine people he can tempt you.

Now let’s see, when a wealth does become curse. Some will say the wealth that I have got has come from God. Yet, due to that same wealth some of my own people went astray. You cannot blame God for this. You yourself are to be blamed you did not handle God’s money properly. For an example; like you can use fire to cook lavish food or can use it to burn somebody. That doesn’t mean that God gave you fire to burn somebody, He gave it that you may cook your food on it. But it is the condition of heart which brings such extreme and dangerous results. So there is nothing wrong with the money, but with the heart.

Bible says in Malachi 2:2.I f you do not listen, and if you do not resolve to honor my name,” says the LORD Almighty, “I will send a curse on you, and I will curse your blessings. Yes, I have already cursed them, because you have not resolved to honor me.

Therefore, there is an area when we don’t honour God with our wealth, He will curse that wealth and so it becomes a cursed wealth. We always say, my blessing, my car, my money, my medals, but then we forget that God has given us the energy to earn and God has given us power to eat and enjoy it. It becomes a cursed wealth when we don’t honour God with it or when we don’t show our gratitude towards God for the wealth and prosperity that He has blessed us with.

Love for money and having more than enough can turn out to be cursing for us. A blessing can turn into cursing if the Lord is not in it. Otherwise, money can bring such ego, pride, laziness in the kingdom and for God. You know how Israelites have been given land under law of Old Testament. It was all God’s blessings this Israel today you see has been given by God to them. And I will show you how God’s blessing turns into curse if a hearts are not right. God said through the prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 2:7:8 “And when I brought you into a fruitful land to enjoy its bounty and goodness, you defiled my land and corrupted the inheritance I had promised you. 8 The priests did not ask, ‘Where is the LORD?’ The judges ignored me, the rulers turned against me, and the prophets spoke in the name of Baal, wasting their time on nonsense

Did you see that? though the land was given by the Lord that prosperity turn into curse because they defiled the name of the Lord. Wealth has to be handled very carefully. The devil can tempt us through wealth. He can give it to you through people. You need to know how this money has come to me? And what scarifies I have to make to get this money? You need to check it out because of this money “am I missing my church services”? Because of this money “am I missing my relation with God and my family?” because of this money have my children become wavered? That’s why we need to have a very balanced walk concerning money because somewhere when the money comes from the wrong source you have to bow down before the devil, you have to sell your soul in a measure. Did not Ahab sell his soul to devil? Yes! In 1Kings 21:20 Here we see Ahab sold his soul to the devil. “Love for money is root of all evil” not some evil but all evil that is what we see today. In the world we have money; people are worshiping money and made it their God. People open doors that money may come. Where your love focus is very important. Are you focused on God or on money? If you love money then let me tell you it will never come to you and even if it comes there will be never peace in your heart and home.

Zacchaeus was a rich man. He had lots of money, but no peace. Money came as a curse for him because he cheated people and got money and when he did that he lost his peace. That’s why he was seeking for Jesus. Anything that is taken out of greed is cursed money. It comes from the devil it will never bless you. When money becomes excess, be wise also excess. Sometimes families are broken children become wavered; God is given last place because people don’t realised that blessing can come from God and also from the devil. Even if blessings come from God the devil can tempt you so that the blessing of God can turn into cursing. Love of money will keep you away from money, away from blessing and it will bring all the cursing. So beloved, always see the wealth, prosperity and blessings that you hold has come from God and He is honoured through it, because only then it will be a lasting and blessing money. Amen!!!

  1. 25th June 2016

    pastor peter, my friend had given the book of yours bhagnapatra in marathi. i read it..

    i was not understanding for first time…but then as anointing with god started increasing..I STARTED HAVING BEST EXPERIENCES OF LIFE…

    REALLY unless we are not broken completely we are not build..god renewed me..and is still healing journey with god is going great..yes at times i do fall in temptation and comparisons about world..but god brings back to me on the track again..thanks to god always till my last breath..i am coming to meet you today for first time if god wills we will meet.
    praise the lord …

    • 12th September 2016

      Hello Anish,

      We are very glad to know this, We praise the Lord Jesus For what he has done in your life. Please join us, let us glorify Jesus together.


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